Effortlessly find bookmarks again without organising anything.

Save websites and PDFs with one click.

Recover everything in milliseconds. Search with any words you remember from title or text, the time frame or domain.

Declutter your notes about the things you read

No more copy-pasting important sections into your scattered notes.

Highlight & annotate websites & PDFs (even locally stored PDFs) on all your devices.*

*PDF annotations only work on desktop so far.

Never start at Zero again.
Build on each other's research.

Need to do research with your team or have a shared reading list with your friends?

Collaboratively collect content into spaces where discussions stay linked to the content. No more having to hunt for valuable comments lost in chat logs, email threads or documents.

Share years of research in seconds

Want to share your research or reading lists with your friends, followers and clients?

Share spaces, annotated pages and individual annotations with just a link.
Your peers don’t need Memex installed to view or reply to your notes.

Use Memex offline and across devices

Your data is stored, searchable and exportable locally.
Memex automatically backs up and syncs between devices.

Built without Venture Capital

Memex can't be sold, and our team and investors receive capped profits.

We do this to remove profit-maximisation incentives that usually lead to exploitation of your attention and data, and unhealthy lock-ins.

An image showing the logos of Pocket, Diigo, Raindrop, Chrome, Firefox and Instapaper

Easily migrate from your (previously) favourite tools

Import your existing bookmarks & web history from Pocket, Diigo, Raindrop.io and many more.

Memex is in Beta & Free for now.
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* subscriptions will likely range from $5-$20/month once they launch.
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Thanks to all our contributors, financial supporters and investors for making this journey possible.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the LEDGER Project funded under grant agreement No825268